Are You Creative?

Good Morning!! Been busy around here! A HUGE “Thank you” for your patience, love, prayers and support in our business adventure.  You have been very helpful with feedback so far this summer and finally we are on the countdown of opening!!  In approximately 2 weeks our online store will be officially open! I had NO idea how much time it takes to build a proper online store, but I’m looking forward to the days ahead!

Trying not to ask too much of you, but here’s my current request:

If you are (or a friend of yours is) a budding artist (or a veteran one) and are looking for a place to sell your product, I’d love to check it out and possibly include your/their work in my store.  I’m hoping to include your items in the following categories: Furniture, Home Decor, Market Finds, Gifts, Jewelry  -also willing to review suggestions!  Let me know if you have any questions about the categories, too.

Here’s a screen grab of a page in the site so far: (sneak peek!)

Ever been to a really great consignment shop??  I just love those! You’d see all sorts of different Artists’ work that generally fits with the theme of the store.  The Wrentham Country Store in Wrentham, MA is a great example. Its a store selling products (furniture/home decor/antiques) of local Artists -everything has a vintage look and feel that all works together creating a great shopping experience.  That’s what we are doing ONLINE at The RFC!!  Lord-willing, we hope to open a physical storefront someday, but we are just getting started so online is great for now!

So, let me know if you or anyone you know needs a place to feature their beautiful products!

PS: NO!!  It doesn’t cost anything!!

Love always, Becca

Keep dreaming!!  “If you’re gonna dream, dream BIG!”

Examples of products that I’m looking for: FURNITURE-refinished/handmade, JEWELRY-handmade, handmade GIFTS-soap/candles/sache’s/hand bags/purses/hair accessories/crochet & knit accessories/ cards-specialty papers & photos-/journals & sketchbooks/etc etc, handmade HOME DECOR-wall art/photo & prints/frames/mirrors/decorative shelving/floral accessories/crochet & knit table items /lamps & chandeliers/pillows/curtains/table decor …….taking suggestions!

Can’t wait to hear from YOU!!!!


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