Anything Can Happen!!

Happy New Year!!  Yeah, seven days ago, I know… Well, The RFC’s first few months have been interesting to say the least!  Promising as well!  We’ve seen lots of public interest in our work.  We participated in an artisan fair in September and will be gearing up for another this coming fall!  I’ll keep you posted with more info on that at a later date.  We also now have many of our items for sale in a charming consignment shop at Lincoln Gardens in Lincoln, RI.  Through LG, we were also featured in the local newspaper!  See, an interesting first few months!!  On top of all this excitement we have been commissioned for a few custom pieces of furniture and have even parted with some of our artwork varying from driftwood, jewelry, mirrors, lighting and decor items!    Yes, we even made our first international shipment: a REFINED Vintage Lantern Lamp (Jonny’s fantastic design above) was shipped out to Spain!! We are excited to see our new business growing and gaining interest!  Thank you so much for sharing with your friends and family about us!!

So, I personally spent much of the spring and summer of 2012 on this computer, in this little office of mine, building what I think is a very lovely website!  Well, it’s extremely time consuming and never mind expensive to keep up with for a little homegrown business.  Over the past two months or so we’ve been testing the waters over there in our own little Etsy shop, and to our delight it has been more successful than we had expected!  (Shame on us, we know) Sooo, that being said, we have decided to simplify life and business around here a bit for 2013 and make this blog the new home of The Refinery Furniture Company with shopping conveniences at our etsy shop.  Honestly, wordpress and etsy just make it easy for us at this point.  I definitely won’t say this change is permanent though!!  I’m a dreamer, remember??!!  😉 Anything can happen… and that’s a great thing!

Honestly, this feels right.  Manageable.  Comfortable, but better yet unconfined!!  Over the next few days, I’ll be transferring all of our inventory to this blog and etsy shop before switching the link here so don’t go and loose your bookmark! Pretty soon you’ll click it and find a lovely new RFC blog-site (yeah I made that one up) with all the REFINED beauty we can share!!

As always, if you’re gonna dream, dream big!! 

Love, Becca


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