The Dreamers

About us, Becca & Jonny:

Happily married, born again believers, dreamers to the core, parents of 2 wildly amazing boys, owners of 2 hyperactive german short-haired pointers, 3 rapid egg-laying hens, an old Dodge Ramcharger (the king of all SUV’s), a vintage Glastron bay flite (Bond boat), and stepping out in faith starting a new  business! Ahh!!  Very full, yes.  Very blessed, yes. Very happy, yes.  Still dreaming? YES!

So, part of our dreams is to open our own online store where we can sell our REFINED products.  What are refined products?? Glad you asked… (so lame, whatever) Well, in our store we want to have an assortment of hand-made/refinished-recycled-upcycled-repurposed=REFINED items catergorized in furniture, home decor, gifts & jewelry.  Jonny is an amazing and creative carpenter and I, Becca, am an interior designer/artist… aka Jill of all trades!  So together we dream to provide a great place to find beautiful things!!  As of now, we’re building the site and tirelessly working on product, alongside wonderful family life!  Soon, you will be able to visit our site and discover amazing items salvaged and refined for your enjoyment!!  Thanks for reading and make sure you bookmark this link for future reference!! coming soon, Summer 2012!!

If you’re gonna dream, dream BIG!!


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