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What Is Milk Paint?

Answer: Awesome!  Ok, that would fail a Jeopardy response, but even so, that’s how I feel about it!!  Well, if you haven’t heard of it or were curious, its an ALL NATURAL, NON-TOXIC, powder-based paint that was used pretty much exclusively in the days of old… really old.  I’m fairly certain most of us weren’t born then.  This is before the “remember when they used to make things like…” It was before lead paint, before chemicals, only stuff from the earth. -oh, and cow.  😉  I’ve been using it a lot lately on a few of my projects (sorry, that’s why I haven’t been back here sooner) and I really enjoy using it.  It makes what can feel like mundane painting feel like art again!!  Coolest part is that it actually bonds directly to the bare wood and doesn’t require priming of any sort!  A fresh sanding and cleaning is all that’s necessary before using it!  Ok, I know, enough with the sales pitch-too bad I don’t sell it > oh wait, I do!! I’m Massachusetts’ newest retailer of Old Fashioned Milk Paint! Shop for Milk Paint HERE.    I’ll probably consume more than I’ll end up selling!! 😉

I know you want pictures, I would too.  So I’m including a few pics of a product using the Milk Paint.

  View the finished Mirror in our shop HERE.

This mirror frame was totally left to rot in a pool shed in Rehoboth, MA.  Rotting…literally.  I scrubbed it down and gave it new life with two coats of primer (I know, Milk Paint doesn’t need it.  But trust me, this frame did!)  After the primer I mixed Extra Bond with the Milk Paint to allow it to adhere to the primed wood and gave it two coats of Soldier Blue.  The Milk Paint has a velvety finish that is actually textured and oh, so visually dimensional!  Finally, two coats of the non-toxic sealer gives this velvety finish a satiny sheen that keeps it tight and resistant to wear, fingerprints and watermarks. It might be hard to see the finish in the pictures, but really, its fabulous!!!  (Yes, in my mind that was said like Jim Carrey as The Grinch!)

Ok, I went camera happy the other day and was inspired from my planter for this week’s quiz, a little tougher I think:  First person (by commenting on this blog, of course) to name the flower below gets the next prize.  Please just use the common name…I don’t know the Latin!  😉

Have an awesome week!!!


“If you’re gonna dream, dream BIG!!”


Building Business


Well…here it is!! Our new business logo!!  And this is my first blog…ever!  I’m kind of excited about it, a little nervous too.  Creative writing & English were 2 of my worst subjects!  I’m just so excited to share our new business venture! My name is Rebecca (Becca) and my hubby’s name is Jonathan (Jonny).  We are a design/build team always dreaming, always improving, always building, always changing. 😉

So, in our combined efforts we decided to start a brand new business doing what we love to do.  The core of the business, if you couldn’t gather already, is refined furniture.  Recycled, up-cycled, re-purposed, whatever you want to call it -furniture.  We love putting all of our creative juices into restoring, refinishing, or reviving something so sad looking and putting it on display as fine as the day it was originally dreamed up!! I can’t wait to get the site up and running.  For future reference the site is www.therefineryfurniturecompany.com.  You’ll see a maintenance message up there now, but hopefully mid-summer we’ll be up and running!  I’ll soon be posting a few pics of pieces we have been working on and will be available on our website.  My amazingly talented husband will also be creating custom pieces as well to be finished in a variety of color and finish options! He also renovated my studio for me so my work environment is a lovely and tranquil place to dream and design!  I’ll include pics of the studio soon, too. Everything is going well so far, I’ll keep you posted on our progress!


If you’re gonna dream, dream BIG!!

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